Matrix Combo of 200ml Advanced Scalpure Shampoo and 98g Conditioner


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Brand: Matrix


  • The product is good for all types of hair
  • It helps in growth of hair
  • Conditioner of 98 gm is also available with the shampoo

Details: Scalp pure combats various scalp concerns such as dandruff, excess oil, itchiness, and odor. Bergamot, a citric fruit, naturally soothes irritation and helps regulate sebum production and zinc pyrithione is a powerful anti-dandruff & anti-bacterial agent that helps the scalp normalize skin cell production. These powerful ingredients combine to purify the distressed scalp matrix scalp pure complete solution conditioner helps target key signs of scalp distress namely dandruff, excess oil, itchiness, odor, stickiness and a clogged scalp. This complete solution conditioner is a multi-correcting conditioner for all types of the scalp as well as hair.

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