Lakm? Color Crush Nailart, U4, 6ml


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Brand: LAKM?

Color: U4


  • 30 nail art shades
  • Shades highlight each texture
  • Unicorn
  • Chrome
  • Circus
  • Glitterati

Publisher: HUL

Details: Lakm? color crush nail art show-stopping nail art 1. 4 Different families – unicorn, chrome, circus, glitterati 2. 30 New shades and textures3. Choose from pearlescent unicorn, metal finish chrome, glitter-mixed effect with glitterati and circus with dazzling micro-particles 3. Shades that highlight each texture vividly unicorn- dive into the gleaming watery world and get close to precious shimmering sea shells chrome- get chrome finish with bright like chrome finish to get the bright metal look circus- spectacular color, iridescent glitter nail effect inspired by the glittery world of circus- dazzling glitters, multi reflection micro particles, bright lively color palette glitterati- glitter mixed, pixelized, computer glitch inspired nail effect computer glitches are inspiring imageries that give birth to beautiful chaotic mosaics and blurred streaks. It creates light changing effect on nails. This is mix of random color and shape glitters. Your art on your nails go solo or mix and match with our new color crush nail art collection in chrome, glitterati, shimmer and unicorn. Made for every effect choose from pearlescent unicorn, metal finish chrome, glitter-mixed effect with glitterati and shimmer with dazzling micro-particles for any mood. Nails that tell your story create the trendiest looks with the broadest range of shades and textures. How to apply style your nails select two contrasting shades like unicorn and glitterati. Apply the unicorn shade as a basecoat and let it dry completely. Then add a coat of glitterati on the tip of your nails to create your unique nail art.

EAN: 8901030715693

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