Jovees Ayurveda Neem & Long Pepper Anti Acne & Pimple Cream, 60g (Pack of 2)


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Don’t you yearn to have a glowing skin like what every women does? Then just try out Jovees Ayurveda Neem & Long Pepper Anti Acne & Pimple Cream, which promises you to get rid of your blemishes and helps in getting a youthful and natural glowing skin.

Jovees, an Indian herbal cosmetic brand, which uses botanicals and herbs, has launched this Anti Acne Cream of 60gm. It comes packed in a white coloured tube with a flip cap and has been manufactured based on naturopathy, which helps to cure the acne problem. It is suitable for those having oily and sensitive skin.

Key ingredients

Long Pepper, Tea Tree, Red Sandalwood, Wintergreen, Clove and Neem Oil are the active ingredients of this herbal cream.

This organic cream has an anti-inflammatory property which minimizes the redness and swelling caused by the acne. It also prevents the further formation of bacteria which is the major cause behind the breakouts. The pepper deep cleanses the skin and eradicates the impurities by cleansing the pours. You are sure to benefit from its purification and detoxification properties. Overall, it protects the skin from any kind of severe weather conditions and with regular usage, you also eventually get a fairer skin tone.

Direction for using

Take a reasonable quantity of the cream on your palm, apply it with your finger evenly all over your face and keep it overnight. Make sure you use it atleast fifteen minutes before going to bed.

So, buy Jovees Anti Acne & Pimple Cream and say good bye to your unhealthy skin rightaway.

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