Roots Wooden Wide Teeth Travel Comb for Wavy, Curly Hair (Beige, 1105)


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Brand: Roots

Color: Beige


  • 100% Wood – no polish or varnish
  • Anti-static, Seamless
  • Smooth finish
  • Smoothened tips and edges

Publisher: Roots Professional

Details: Roots wooden combs are made of 100% wood with natural finish and no varnish or polish. They are anti-bacterial and will not transfer any form of bacteria onto your hair. The combs are seamless, which means they have smoothened and rounded tips that massage the scalp and stimulate the natural oils and smoothened teeth edges to prevent scraping of the hair cuticles and scalp while combing. Moreover, they are completely anti-static, which makes them your perfect hair grooming tool for winters. No more winter frizz or flyaways watch your hair behave and stay in place as you witness a comfortable and irritation-less hair combing experience, everyday. Strictly for dry use. Do not use on wet hair. Available in 8 different types.
Ordinary combs have sharp edges that damage the cuticle, roughen the scales and cause unhealthy split hair. In fact, such combs actually undo treatments of even the best shampoos roots combs have rounded teeth that massage the scalp and stimulate natural oils in the hair cuticle. This keeps scales smooth, so hair stays strong and healthy. Always and only use a roots comb and hair brush. Then watch your hair bounce back to life. No wooden comb should be washed with water. Here are some tips for cleaning wooden combs: step1:- apply a natural oil or wax to a clean cloth. (coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil step2:- gently wipe any dirt or debris off of the comb, running the cloth through each tooth. Step3:- use soft bristle tooth brush to work off any stubborn residue that the cloth could not remove. Be careful not to scrub too hard.Sometimes dirt is hard to remove from between the teeth. If any residue remains after using the toothbrush, run dental floss or a string between the teeth to get the debris out. Step4:- lay the clean comb on a towel to absorb the oil overnight.

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