Roots All Purpose Classic Hair Brush (Black)


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Brand: Roots

Color: Black


  • All-Purpose Brush
  • Flexible Bristles
  • Soft Rounded Tips
  • Sturdy Body

Publisher: Roots Professional

Details: This Brush Is A Classic All-Purpose Brush With Soft Tip Bristles. Its Solid Black Colour Is An All Time Favourite. Its Flexible Bristles Offer A Comfortable Brushing Experience Whereas The Soft Rounded Tips Prevent Scraping Of Scalp And Hair Cuticles. In Fact, They Massage The Scalp And Stimulate The Natural Hair Oils. Available In 2 Sizes – Small And Regular And In 3 Types – Paddle, All-Purpose And Round.

Always and only use a Roots comb and hair brush. Then watch your hair bounce back to life. 1. All our paddle/oval brushes have a hole in the cushion which acts as an air vent. This helps us to get a gentle brushing experience. There is no defect in the brush, and is a part of the design. You can even refer to the image on the product page for confirmation.

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Weight0.3 g
Dimensions15 × 12 × 10 cm


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